Thursday, June 14, 2012


Elaine had a slight medicinal change that really paid off. She was able to get a FULL night of sleep last night for the first time in a while - a much deserved night of sleep. Fred said she conked out at 8 PM and was asleep when he left in the morning.

Later in the morning, Staci, Allison and whole gaggle of kids stopped by the house for a visit and to drop off some coffee for Elaine. Elaine had a little bonus when Allison volunteered to be her new stylist. Check out the before and after shots below.

This gave Fred a nice break to enjoy watching the US Open on his wall of TVs with Ron.

After all the visiting, it was off to Hoag for some serious therapy sessions. The physical therapist focused again on walking and Elaine was a star. She is getting closer and closer to a steady unhitched step with her left leg. It is is incredible to see her progress from just a short time ago.

Then it was on to occupational therapy where it was all about incorporating her left hand into some everyday tasks. They had Elaine working on hanging clothes, folding clothes, carrying groceries - things you and I may take for granted, but take a remarkable amount of willpower and strength to accomplish. She performed exceptionally well, though she is not sure she really wants to be hanging or folding clothes!

Get some rest Elaine! Another big day tomorrow!

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