Sunday, June 24, 2012


We are back. Did you miss us? If you answered yes, you are in the minority. Taylor asked if we could stay gone for more nights, and Christi wants to move in with Wes and Mona.

It was a milestone weekend for Elaine. One of those times that we will be talking about for a long while. "Remember the time that Staci and Ben went out of town and left the kids at Elaine's house for the first time since the stroke?"

Elaine stepped up and stepped back into her old life as Nammie with responsibility for a 4 year old and a crazy 21-month old. Not surprisingly, Elaine excelled and played her role to perfection. Taylor told us that Nammie was up early making breakfast by herself. That sounds like the Elaine we know. We are sure that nothing makes her happier or motivates her more than being able to handle her grandchildren on her own.

The past couple of days were filled with non-stop snack making, swimming at the Big Canyon pool, trying to get kids to sleep, and trying to get kids to eat. Luckily, no one had to deal with kids who missed their parents!

Speaking of Elaine getting her life back, SHE ACTUALLY PLAYED NINE HOLES OF GOLF THIS WEEKEND!!! Like we said, it was a milestone weekend!!!

We are sure that Fred and Elaine (and Franny - a big thank you to her) are all very tired from the past few days. We hope everyone sleeps well and all the way through the night!

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