Friday, June 8, 2012


First full day at the Francois house was a full day, indeed. With Brian waking up from 3-5 am, Elaine had a real jump on the day. At some point, everyone was able to go back to sleep  . . . until the girls woke up. Then we were moving and shaking getting ready to go watch Christi as she was Principal for the day at Andersen Elementary. Christi was amazing, and EXTREMELY comfortable in front of the whole school with a microphone!

At the morning assembly, it felt like we attended with a celebrity. About a thousand people came by to say hello to Elaine and wish her well and tell her how inspirational she is. We could barely take a step toward the car without someone stopping Elaine to talk.

After the excitement, she had a spa appointment then came back to our house to get ready for lunch with the girls. Shirley came to pick up her up and they met up with Barbara at Javier's for Mexican food in the sun! They had a great lunch and the girls could not have been more impressed with Elaine's progress and independence!  They were absolutely flabbergasted at how great she looked!

Following lunch, she headed back to the house for some mandatory rest time while the house was quiet - a rare occurrence. After some down time, Elaine was back up and ready for a meeting with Ben and Staci's architect. They met in the dining room where Elaine added plenty of much needed and much appreciated expertise to the process. We are so grateful that she can help us as we make these decisions. We know it couldn't have been easy for her to concentrate on the task at hand because every 30 seconds one of the kids would come in yelling "Nana!!!!" or "Nammie!!!" Elaine is getting plenty of attention over here, that is for sure.

We all sat down together for a delicious home cooked meal including fresh squash right from our garden. It was mostly peaceful for Elaine except when we reminded her to use two hands to eat her corn. She said, "I thought Fred was gone." We politely reminded her how nice it was that she had people around who care :). Of course, everyone broke into giggles after that.

Everyone is settled into bed early after a long week. We miss Fred and hope he enjoys himself this weekend!

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