Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Betty Crocker is back! The girls all came by today to bake Elaine's chocolate chip cookies. Although Taylor and Christi felt like it was a team effort, Elaine was definitely running the show and doing the hard work. She cracked the eggs. She ran the mix master. She even took the cookies out of the oven with one hand (much to Staci's dismay)! It was a fun day for everyone! 

As for Elaine's toe, she noticed some improvement and it felt a little better. She canceled therapy for the week because the pain in her toe has altered her gait and she doesn't want to ingrain bad habits. 

Debbie came by today to check on Elaine and offered to take her to the Match Play Party. It was an incredibly generous offer and so sweet of Debbie!  Elaine decided to hold off and enjoy dinner at home - delivered by Staci and Brian!

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