Friday, June 22, 2012


Okay Team Elaine. Short post here. It is going to be a wild weekend. Staci just put Christi on her first solo flight. She is heading to San Jose to stay with our close friends, Mona and Wes (good luck up there). Christi is SOOO excited. Take a look!

Earlier in the day, Staci dropped off the smaller kids for a Weekend at Nammie and Ampa's.  Taylor and Brian are incredibly excited about that!

Last night was not exactly a restful sleep for the Smith household. Today, they stayed at home skipping therapy in order to rest up for what will likely be a tiring weekend!

With that, Staci and Ben are off to Vegas for the weekend! Next post will be on Sunday!  Good luck to the Smiths and Wes and Mona - and to Staci and Ben!

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