Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Elaine was tired today and a little confused, but that didn't slow her down from a very busy day. She had therapy this morning for two hours and still managed to have a great session. They continued to really hone in on her walking. It is a lot of work for her to learn the "correct" form but like everything else she does, she is putting all her effort into it and will master this in time. Each day continues to be better than the last!!

After therapy, Barbara picked her up and they went to lunch at the club. Louise was in town from the desert and wanted to visit with Elaine as well. Elaine, Barbara, Louise, Cece, and Pat had a great lunch together. Elaine was so thrilled to be spend the afternoon with them and so happy they called. Louise said "she is sharper than ever and getting so independent." Louise offered some perfectly worded advice. She said, "when you get down, talk to someone that hasn't seen you in a while. They will be blown away, just like I was." We have said it many times, Elaine feels so fortunate to have such great friends that care about her so much! Unfortunately, they did forgot to take a picture:(

Staci arrived shortly after Elaine got home to take her to hair appointment. She was ready to go and even remembered to bring her Coumadin, without needing to be remind. Staci dropped her off for a few hours with Laura at Textures, and she worked her magic! Elaine wanted her hair shorter and brighter. Laura did a great job and showed her how to make her hair curly. Elaine is trying to hard to be independent. Trying to do your hair with essentially one hard is tough enough, but when you pile on the thickness of her hair  into the equation, it really complicates things. Laura was kind enough to show Elaine how to do it. Elaine was excited!

Fred is leaving in the morning for a much deserved golf trip to Pine Valley. We hope he enjoys every minute and doesn't worry about what he can't control back home. The Francois house is buzzing with excitement about who gets to help Nammie do what, and who gets to lay in bed with her and tuck her in. We are excited to have Elaine with us for a few days and thrilled for Fred to get away with her friends and play golf.

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