Saturday, June 2, 2012


In any long-term challenge, there are periods of extraordinary hardship, extraordinary success, and plateaus that allow us to evaluate our progress. After a prolonged plateau with a sight positive slope of improvement, it has been determined that Elaine has steepened the slope of progress and is smack in the middle of a period of extraordinary success.

Somehow, ever since she got a check up from the neck up about her independence, Elaine has taken HUGE strides toward independence. When we talk to her on the phone, she sounds like the old Elaine!

Fred and Ben went to hit balls briefly this afternoon. The first thing Ben heard was how well Elaine was swinging the club the day before!

Her therapy session was marked by the same kind of improvement. She worked with Paul on the stairs again. Elaine is not 100% comfortable coming down stairs without a guiding hand, but she was sue awesome today!

We continue to pray for this pace of improvement for Elaine!  She is our miracle, and we are so proud and humbled by her effort to improve every single day!

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